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We encourage our customers to tour our plant when thinking about having an animal processed with us. Our plant always welcomes visitors. If you would like to schedule an animal for processing please think ahead. The winter and spring seasons are our busy times of the year. Slaughter dates fill up quickly and you need to make an appointment.

Call us Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm to make an appointment. Our helpful staff will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

When bringing in an animal for slaughter, be sure to have it here by 8am the morning of slaughter. It’s always helpful if you have a list of eaters and phone numbers ready to go.

How Much Meat will I actually Take Home?

Frankly there is no exact answer to this question. Why? Because…

  • Each animal is built differently! One may have more muscle or fat or bone than the next.
  • Meat can be close trimmed or left with some fat on. Cutting differences determine quality.
  • Meat can be boneless or bone-in. This will make a difference in the weight and amount of meat you put in your freezer.
  • Weight loss during slaughter and processing of meat from live animals to table-ready cuts is normal.


Slaughtering removes blood, hide, and inedible parts form the animal.  In beef, veal, and lamb it will account for an average loss of slightly less than half the original live weight of the animal.  The slaughter weight loss in hogs averages about one-quarter of the live weight.

EXAMPLE: If your steer weighs 750 lbs. live, it will weigh 397 – 465 lbs. dressed. (53%-62% of live weight)


Processing is the cutting of the dressed meat into ready- to- cook portions. It accounts for another loss in weight as excess fat and bone are trimmed away. Not only does trimming make meat more appetizing, but it also eliminates extra storage space and further kitchen preparation.

EXAMPLE: If your hog weighs 145lbs. dressed, expect approximately 104lbs. – 118lbs. of eating meat after processing. (72% – 82% of dressed weight)

AnimalPercentage Yield
Beef53% - 62% of Live Weight
Veal53% - 58% of Live Weight
Pork67% - 75% of Live Weight
Lamb48% - 52% of Live Weight
AnimalPercentage Yield
Beef50% - 65% of Dressed Weight
Veal81% - 85% of Dressed Weight
Pork72% - 82% of Dressed Weight
Lamb70% - 90% of Dressed Weight


Minimum Processing Fee $400


  • Beef are slaughtered on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Please have your animal at the plant by 8am the day of slaughter.
  • Generally, Beef are aged between 10 and 14 days. Age time depends on fat content and fat cover.
Beef Slaughter & Processing Pricing
Slaughter Fee$75per animal
Processing Fee$1.00 per Lb. times the dressed weight
Make Patties$0.45Per Lb.
Split into Halves$3.00Per Half
Divide a Half in Half$5.00Per Quarter
Extra Boning$0.20Per Pound
Cut Stew Meat$0.50Per Pound
Bone and Tenderize Round Steaks$3.00Per Half
Make Cubed Steaks$3.00Per Half
Bone Out Prime Rib$5.00Per Half
Bone out Loin$10.00 Per Half


Minimum Processing Fee $200


  • Hogs are slaughtered on Tuesdays. Please be sure to have your animals here by 8am the day of slaughter.
  • Hogs are processed on Thursday of the same week and your fresh meat will be ready for pick-up on Friday.
  • Cured and Smoked meats are usually ready for pick-up 1 1/2 weeks after your fresh.
Pork Slaughter & Processing Pricing
Slaughter Fee$50350 Lbs. or Less
Slaughter Fee$60.00351 Lbs. or over
Processing$1.00Per Lb. Times the Dressed Weight
Cure$1.00Per Pound on What we Do
Sausage$0.25Per Pound on What We Do

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