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We offer most retail cuts of pork. Quality is the key when it comes to pork, and we offer the best USDA pork available. When it comes to the best available, our smoked hams and bacon are top notch.
Retail Cuts of Pork (Per Pound)
Pork ChopsCall for Price
Pork SteakCall for Price
TenderloinCall for Price
Spare RibsCall for Price
Baby BacksCall for Price
Hot SausageCall for Price
Regular SausageCall for Price
Ground PorkCall for Price
Boneless Loin RoastCall for Price
Boneless ChopsCall for Price
Boneless Country RibsCall for Price
Butt RoastCall for Price
Smoked BaconCall for Price
Smoked Bacon EndsCall for Price
Fresh HamCall for Price
Smoked HamCall for Price
Pork by the Section
Half or WholeCall for PricePer Pound Figured on a 75 Pound Take Home Weight
- - Call for PricePer Pound Extra for Curing and Smoking