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Make it convenient and take the guess work out of that constant question, “what’s for dinner?”. We offer three different varieties of freezer boxes that contain the most commonly ordered cuts of meat. These are the “staples.” When you have these on hand, you can always come up with a delicious meal that everyone will love. Just chose the one that fits your family.
Beef Box $135 - Approx. 18.22 Lbs.
2Rib Eye2.00 Lb
1Sirloin1.75 Lb.
5Ground Chuck5.00 Lb.
8Ground Chuck Patties2.70 Lb.
4Cubed Steaks1.00 Lb.
1Chuck Roast3.00 Lb.
Pork Box $75 - Approx. 24 Lbs.
8Pork Chops4,00 Lb.
6Country Style Ribs4.00 Lb.
4Pork Steaks4.00 Lb.
2Pork Roasts6.00 Lb.
2 Sausage3.00 Lb.
2Bacon3.00 Lb.
Combo Box $195 - Approx. 38.25 Lbs.
1Sirloin1.75 Lb.
2T-Bones2.80 Lb.
10Ground Chuck10 Lb.
8 Ground Chuck Patties2.70 Lb.
8Cubed Steaks2.00 Lb.
1 Rump Roast3.00 Lb.
1Chuck Roast3.00 Lb.
6Chicken Breasts3.00 Lb.
8Pork Chops4.00 Lb.
2Sausage3.00 Lb.
2Bacon3.00 Lb.