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You’ll only find the best at Country Home Meat Co. We only sell USDA Choice grade steaks and roasts. Aged for flavor and quick frozen to ensure freshness, all of our products are guaranteed to leave you craving more. One bite and you’ll agree, IT IS, “What’s for dinner?”
Retail Cuts of Beef (Per Pound)
T-Bone$12.95Per Lb.
NY Strip$13.95Per Lb.
Tenderloin-Whole$19.95Per Lb.
Tenderloin-Steaks$27.95Per Lb.
Rib Eye$13.95Per Lb.
Sirloin$8.95Per Lb.
Cubed Steak$5.99Per Lb.
Short Ribs$5.99Per Lb.
Stew Meat$5.99Per Lb.
Boneless Arm Roast$5.89Per Lb.
Flank Steak$8.49Per Lb.
Skirt Steak$8.49Per Lb.
Boneless Chuck Roast$5.89Per Lb.
Boneless Rump Roast$5.89Per Lb.
Tri-Tip Roast$6.49Per Lb.
Brisket$4.89Per Lb.
Beef Bacon$6.49Per Lb.
Oxtail$3.99Per Lb.
Lean Meat$3.99Per Lb.
Tongue$3.99Per Lb.
Ground Round$5.99Per Lb.
Ground Chuck$5.49Per Lb.
Ground Chuck Patties$5.89Per Lb.
Dog BonesCall for PricePer Lb.
Beef by the Section
Side / Quarter$3.99Per Pound Figured on a 300 Pound Dressed Weight
Fore Quarter$3.89Per Pound Figured on a 150 Pound Dressed Weight
Hind Quarter$4.29Per Pound Figured on a 150 Pound Dressed Weight